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WINPOL is a non-partisan organization whose mandate is to promote the involvement of more women to every level of government. We are Nigeria’s foremost organization that brings women together across the country and across the political spectrum to advance women’s representation in elected office.


Through your membership, you are demonstrating your commitment - as a woman or man, a Nigerian and political activist/observer– to changing the political landscape as we know it. And to change it for the better.


Research throughout the world demonstrates that when women are well represented in politics, the conversation, the culture and the outcomes change – for good.

The Power Behind WINPOL


WINPOL will be offering events, programs and initiatives to facilitate women’s access to the political sphere. 


WINPOL’s members will be playing a pivotal part in the success of these initiatives through supporting their development, spreading the word, donating time/money/resources as well as participating in them. 


Not only are our members committed women and men, they are elected representatives, party members, public policy experts, business professionals, women’s advocates, aspiring candidates, youth leaders, and young women and men along with many others who share the vision of WINPOL.  


WINPOL brings together these wonderfully talented, diverse and interesting individuals through its various chapters throughout Nigeria. Our members will keep their eye on the political ball, report in on groundbreaking developments, liaise with political parties in their area as well as host key events.


And collectively, they help us change the debate and complexion of governments right across Nigeria.

Why Become a Member? 

  • Membership in WINPOL is national. However, 20 percent of the total annual membership revenue of all fees go to your designated chapter. 
  • WINPOL members have the opportunity to participate in and vote at annual General Meetings of your local/national chapter.
  • Members receive invitations to key events and activities, organized by nationally. 


Membership advantages:

By becoming a member, you will: 

  • strengthen your political networks (Platinum, Gold)
  • get priority access to strategic events (Platinum, Gold)
  • receive WINPOL regular e-newsletter sent to interested members and learn how your support is making a difference (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Classic)
  • celebrate women in power through our annual WINPOL Award luncheon (a members’ only rate applies for each luncheon)
  • increase your awareness about women’s election to, and progress while, in elected office.  
  • engage in hands-on volunteer opportunities with chapters across the country
  • share your views via our on line presence
  • be part of history as you join us to elect more women than ever before in Nigeria.

And most of all, as a WINPOL member, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are part of a dynamic, diverse and gutsy network of women and men who are all motivated to see more women serving in elected office -  at every level.

Whether that woman is you, your daughter, wife, mother, sister/good friend or colleague, WINPOL will do everything in our power to make sure she gets there!

Moreover, WINPOL’s plans to strengthen and expand many of our trademark initiatives so that they are available to more women, more often in the coming months and years.

To become a member of WINPOL, membership fees vary depending on your membership preference.

1. Platinum Membership =N=20,000.00.

2. Gold membership =N=10,000.00.

3. Silver membership =N=5,000.00.

4. Classic membership for students, corpers or those with tight finances =N=2,000.00 .

Your membership will last for one year from the date of payment and the fees are per annum.

The amount goes towards WINPOL National Office’s much needed public awareness activities and programs to facilitate and encourage the participation of women in Nigerian politics.

There are three ways to become a member of WINPOL or to renew your membership:

  1. Pay for your membership by BACS transfer
    Name of Account: WINPOL Bank: xxxx  Account No: 123456789
  2. Pay for your membership by cheque
    Please print and complete this registration form here and mail the complete form along with a cheque to our office. Please make cheques payable to WINPOL. Our address is:
    20 Iyalla Street, Alausa-Ikeja, Lagos.
  3. Pay for your membership online:
    If you are a new member, or renewing your membership, please complete the electronic form below. Once you have completed the form, you will be directed to secured online payment page. 
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Once you have completed the form, you will be directed to secured online payment page.


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How did you hear about WINPOL:

If you are 25 years or under, you can receive youth-oriented information, and participate in our growing campus chapters.
Are you publicly active for a particular political party?

What activities do you think you might get personally involved in? (Organizing meetings, speaking publicly, advocacy, research, mentoring, reaching out to younger women, etc...)

Platinum membership ₦20,000.00
Gold membership ₦10,000.00
Silver membership ₦5,000.00
Classic membership ₦2,000.00