About Us

WINPOL is a national and non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting and electing more women to all levels of political office in Nigeria.
WINPOL regards the equal representation of women in Nigeria's Senate, in our legislatures, and on municipal and band councils, as a fundamental question of fairness for women in terms of their access to Nigeria’s democratic institutions.
Founded in 2015, WINPOL brings women and men together from across the political spectrum in its various chapters across the country.
The WINPOL National Advisory Board includes some of Nigeria’s most prominent women politicians - representing various political parties.
WINPOL promotes the election of women by:
• Working with all political parties to increase the nominations of women candidates;
• Promoting electoral and other changes that would increase the numbers of women in politics;
• Conducting outreach with young women to inspire and engage them in politics as a future career choice;
• Encouraging women to run for office through programs such as our comprehensive seminars and training programs;
• Raising awareness about the impact of women's under-representation;
• Celebrating women in politics; and
• Communicating and implementing Winpol’s goals and activities through innovative programs, WINPOL's chapters, our dynamic website, regular newsletters, media releases, Twitter and Facebook activity, and by hosting major events.