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Women as leaders for a bright future; Women setting standards in leadership;
Women inspiring next generation of leaders.

WiNpol encourages Nigerian Women to participate actively in politics and good governance wherever they are. It equips Nigerian women on how to be involved in Nigerian politics, educates women on their role in politics, supports and advice women who want to be actively involved in politics and also advocates good governance from women holding political offices.

Women Leadership

Women in Nigerian Politics.

Global companies and world-class employers look for creative and inspiring people. Our agency works with you to help you to cultivate your inner innovative leader.

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Women in Nigerian Politics

Using a proven but flexible development formula, our leadership programs are a combination of formal classroom training, lectures, and integrated assignments.

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Women in Nigerian Politics

Women are the new power players in business. WINPOL Leadership program will focus on trust, relationship building and management to launch your ....

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Political Participation

Women in Nigerian Politics

WINPOL educates and empowers women with the skills and confidence necessary to actively involve in nigerian politics, secure a job and create a healthy lifestyle.

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WINPOL is a national and non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting and electing more women to all levels of political office in Nigeria.

WINPOL promotes the election of women by:

  • Working with all political parties

    to increase the nominations of women candidates

  • Promoting electoral and other changes

    that would increase the numbers of women in politics

  • Conducting outreach with young women

    to inspire and engage them in politics as a future career choice

  • Encouraging women to run for office

    through programs such as our comprehensive seminars and training programs

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  • Raising awareness

    about the impact of women's under-representation

  • Celebrating women in politics


  • Communicating and implementing Winpol’s goals and activities

    through innovative programs, WINPOL's chapters, our dynamic website, regular newsletters, media releases, Twitter and Facebook activity, and by hosting major events.